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Free online audio/video chatroom?

Once upon a time, there was a place named StudyRoom... As the name suggests, you could come in freely, from the PolyglotClub web site, and virtually sit at a table to talk with fellow language learners using text, audio, and video, share a whiteboard to type, draw, paste pictures, and much more... until the service was discontinued. Or maybe it was just what it seems. A dream.
Do you know of anything like that, available today? Anything real, preferably.

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vincent profile picture vincent2 weeks ago

Check out those posts ! It's not as good as the Study Room but it's still useful wink

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vincent profile picture vincent2 weeks ago
Hi Xophe, I remember a long time ago you were very active in the Study Room. Unfortunately, this was done by an american startup. they were just starting and the tool was free at that time, but not anymore It’s hard to find anything free today, or if it’s free, YOU are the product
  • Xophe profile picture Xophe1 weeks ago
    Hey, Vincent It’s awsome to see that your web site is still up and running, actively managed and attended by so many friendly people. A place where one can truely feel like a member of a community, and not an item for sale.

    As an advocate of free and open-source software, I’m pretty reluctant to use anything owned by a big company, let alone install a black box on my machine... I might have found something free, open, easy to use, and that can be embedded in an i-frame on a web site. I’ve used it a couple of times, and I’ll try more of its features in the coming days before letting know.