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Best WhatsApp groups to Learn English. Post groups OR Vote for the best!

- POST GROUPS: If you know a great WhatsApp group to learn English, write the LINK here so others can join.


- VOTE FOR THE BEST: Click the thumb_up4.png or thumb_down4.png button to vote for a group.


FOLLOW THE RULES BELOW: (or your post will be deleted)

- DO NOT vote for your own group

- DO NOT post your phone number (you will receive spam)

- DO NOT submit multiple times the same group

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vincent profile picture vincentAugust 2020

Here is my selection of the top best whatsapp groups to practice English I've used !

Please let me know if one of them is full so I can remove it from the post (click below, "comment this answer")wink

Read the rules and Enjoy! smile.gif

Taher107280 profile picture Taher107280August 2020

To speak English fluently join with us.

Ali56 profile picture Ali56September 2020
mj68 profile picture mj685 weeks ago
Hi Every One

This one best group to practice English
michael160203 profile picture michael1602034 weeks ago

Guys Wanna Join My English WhatsApp Group???

We Discussed any Various Interesting Topic Everyday hahaha

Join It Now


rishuvillaboy profile picture rishuvillaboy4 weeks ago

Participate in quizzes and casual chat. English aspirants of all levels are welcome. Spammers aren’t a welcome addition.