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Best WhatsApp groups to Learn English. Post groups OR Vote for the best!

- POST GROUPS: If you have used a WhatsApp group to learn English and you think it's great, write the LINK here so others can join. Tell us why it's great.


- VOTE FOR THE BEST: Click the thumb_up4.png or thumb_down4.png button to vote for the best group.


RULES: (or your post will be deleted)

- DO NOT vote for your own group

- DO NOT post your phone number (you will receive spam)

- DO NOT submit multiple times the same group

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vadawalky profile picture vadawalkyApril 2019

We have a very friendly English group for practicing!
Chat with speakers around the world and improve your English skills!
Our differential: you will join a parallel group and talk to the admins to be redirected to a nice and friendly English group where you can practice in a more safe environment.


bharat249 profile picture bharat249March 2018
If u want to talk in English, then join this group
sudheer_si profile picture sudheer_siJanuary 2018
alizay_kha profile picture alizay_khaAugust 2019
1. This group is just for English Speaking people.
2. be active in English Speaking Group, otherwise inactive members must be removed.
3. Speak politely.
4. Don’t share any external link of website, social media or whatsapp group.
5. Share post relative to English learning.
6. Follow this link to invite someone.
khadim_sha profile picture khadim_shaApril 2018

i like these type of helpful groups may god success your and your team