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Best Discord Servers to Learn English in 2023

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Alexander_der profile picture Alexander_derJanuary 2023
Best Discord Server to Learn Languages 😉 :
vincent profile picture vincentMay 2022
Here is th official Discord Server from the PolyglotClub website. Check it out !
vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2021
Best server to learn English (or Spanish) :
Over 3000 members.
Englishlearner9910 profile picture Englishlearner9910January 2022

The English Hub is best server to learn English with over 50,000+ members, active voice channels, English classes, chats, and much more.


iingot profile picture iingotJune 2021
Here’s a great server to practice English in. It has like 6000 members and over 50 languages people speak.
nico_salvi profile picture nico_salviMarch 2021
richard_he2 profile picture richard_he2November 2021

South Asian Languages is an inclusive, family-friendly discord community for studying Indian subcontinent languages. Offers: English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Farsi, Kannada, Sinhala, Telugu, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Marathi +More You can join us from here:

Vivek3314 profile picture Vivek3314June 2021

The best place to practice your English on discord is The English Hub with 20,000+ members, English Classes, fellow learners, active voice Channels and text channels:

”The English Hub”