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Best Discord Servers to Learn English in 2022

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Odat98 profile picture Odat98August 2021

English Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/q5tdTdd

vincent profile picture vincentMay 2022
Here is th official Discord Server from the PolyglotClub website. Check it out ! https://polyglotclub.com/chat
Vivek3314 profile picture Vivek3314June 2021

The best place to practice your English on discord is The English Hub with 20,000+ members, English Classes, fellow learners, active voice Channels and text channels:

”The English Hub” https://discord.gg/enghub

vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2021
Best server to learn English (or Spanish) :
Over 3000 members. https://discord.gg/CG3JRaQEXU
dmitriy_su profile picture dmitriy_suFebruary 2021

I am using https://t.me/sclubuz to learn English and https://discord.gg/nh5ETVSK3S to speak. May be they aren’t the best but they together help me a lot.


I am learning English by myself. I am reading a lot and watching news. 

iingot profile picture iingotJune 2021
Here’s a great server to practice English in. It has like 6000 members and over 50 languages people speak.

Englishlearner9910 profile picture Englishlearner9910January 2022

The English Hub is best server to learn English with over 50,000+ members, active voice channels, English classes, chats, and much more.