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Difference between ”What about you ?” and ”How about you ?”
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nelthoro profile picture nelthoro2 weeks ago
To be honest, I cannot think of an example showing any difference - to me they are interchangeable. So you can use either in probably all situations.
  • exRanger profile picture exRanger2 weeks ago
    An interesting question and, as nelthoro points out, barely a (discernible) difference of meaning b/w the two. There is a "nuance" of meaning that would dictate when, say, an American or British (native) English speaker might opt to use the "What..." over the "How..." variant, and vice-versa; but it is very (very!) subtle and perhaps too nuanced for we English speakers to explain and too nuanced for non-native English speakers to be concerned about. In other words -- and to borrow from nelthoro -- they are (more/less) interchangeable.

    I'll think about it some more, but for now I think we've reached consensus: The two phrases are interchangeable. -exRanger