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Which is correct?: How older are you? vs How much older are you? (in comparison with your brother)
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Pajal7 profile picture Pajal7July 2018
"How much older are you," is correct.

It is incorrect to ask, "how older are you?"
yoespanol profile picture yoespanolApril 2013
Here, as far as my knowledge goes-
" Many " is used for countable nouns..." Much " is used for uncountable ones...Years can be using ' Many ' is appropriate, I think ...How many years is he/your brother younger to you? How many years are you older than him/your brother?
liveforthemoment profile picture liveforthemomentApril 2013
I think "How much older are you" is correct, but you can also say "how many years older are you?"
exRanger profile picture exRangerSeptember 2019
"How much older..." is the correct option.
l_mas6 profile picture l_mas6July 2019
"how old are you"
but when you want to compare
"how much (he/you) older than (you/him)"
basma_fari profile picture basma_fariJuly 2019
how old are you is the correct one