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Difference between "figure out" and "understand"?

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NessDomoza profile picture NessDomozaJuly 2019
well there's a subtle difference:

"figure out" is used when you are using pieces of information and you pull them together like a puzzle
i.e. "the detective figured out who stole the diamond"

understand is being able to follow a line of thinking, mostly because you pay attention to new info and you can connect it quickly with previous
i.e "you can understand math if you start with basic operations"
Alexqc1990 profile picture Alexqc1990August 2019
I think to "figure out" refers to an attempt to solve a problem or answer a question.

Whereas to "understand" is learning information and interpreting it or having a view of it.
Mugaanyi profile picture MugaanyiNovember 2021
Figure out may mean to find out, differentiate, compare and constant whereas to understand may mean to grasp, fully knowing something