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What is the meaning of "among-species"?

What is the meaning of "among-species"? For instance, what does it mean if I say "among-species similarities"?

Is it the synonym of "within-species" or not?

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exRanger profile picture exRangerSeptember 2019
"among-species" hasn't any specific meaning, it's a bit of a mash-up of terminology. "Within-species" is the correct way of expressing the concept to which you are alluding.
  • mmajid profile picture mmajidSeptember 2019
    Sorry for asking again, I just want to make sure that I asked my question correctly?
    I am talking about some characteristics which can be found, for example, in sheep, monkeys, and humans.
    Can I use the term "within-species similarities" for them?
    Does not "within-species similarities" mean that there are some features that can be found in members of only one species?