How do I report abuse?

As PolyglotClub gets larger, we depend more heavily on our community to self-police.
PolyglotClub depends on its users to help it detect abuse. If you find PolyglotClub users who are violating the PolyglotClub terms of service or simply behaving in a disruptive manner, please click on the "report as spam or offensive" button.

How to report spam?

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ollavo profile picture ollavoSeptember 2014

Hello Sir Vicent , I request to be moderator in chat room , because I have seen behavior abusive of some users of chat room .

have a good day.


ollavo profile picture ollavoSeptember 2014
Dear Sir Vicent , I would like to say thanks for that opportunity of use that site, but I have one report violation of some users in chat room, some people are insulting others there, I request to be moderator of chat room and help keep chat room one good and polite place to everyone. Thanks again to everyone here.
Chrysalophix profile picture ChrysalophixJanuary 2014
Bonjour ! Je trouve étonnant que le même message émanant de"Miss GG" se retrouve plusieurs fois au milieu des phrases à traduire. Loin de proposer une correction, cette personne -qui n'en est peut-être pas une-, demande aux gens s'il veulent devenir ses amis. Elle leur envoie une adresse e-mail en leur promettant qu'ils recevront des photos d'elle et de plus amples informations. Le tout ne me paraît pas très honnête, et constitue une infraction à la règle de ne jamais communiquer son adresse-mail dès le premier contact, d'autant que cette adresse est affichée sur une page publique, et non dans un message privé.
I find it's awkward that the message from Miss GG can be displayed on many sentences on the correction platform. This person, who maybe is not a person at all, doesn't correct anything, but she gives an e-mail address, where anyone is invited to answer, and says that she wants to make friend. She says that she will send photos and informations about her. It seems to me that it's not quite what anyone is expecting here. Moreover, though it's not recommended to send personal informations on the first contact and using the internal members' box, she gives this email address on a public page (the one for English corrections).
Can you look after that ? It can be innocuous, but it can become something more annoying, and even dangerous.
She asks to answer her at: ChrysalophixChrysalophix profile picture
I will not try to find if it's a phishing site, or something.