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German Vocabulary - Count to 10

Hi German learners! 😊

In this lesson, we will learn how to count to 10 in German. Being able to count is a fundamental component of any language, and German is no exception. So, let's start!

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Cardinal Numbers[edit | edit source]

Let's begin with the cardinal numbers 1 through 10 in German:

German Pronunciation English
Eins ayns One
Zwei tsvey Two
Drei dry Three
Vier feer Four
Fünf fuenf Five
Sechs zeks Six
Sieben zee-ben Seven
Acht akht Eight
Neun noyn Nine
Zehn tsehn Ten

An interesting fact about the German language is that "three" in German (drei) sounds quite similar to "dry" in English. If you remember this little analogy, it should be easier to memorize the corresponding German word.

Let's practice together. Imagine you are buying fruit at a market in Germany:

  • Person 1: Ich hätte gerne eine Banane. (I would like a banana.)
  • Person 2: Natürlich. Wie viele möchtest du? (Of course. How many would you like?)
  • Person 1: Zwei, bitte. (Two, please.)

Great job! Now, let's move on to ordinal numbers.

Ordinal Numbers[edit | edit source]

Ordinal numbers are used to show order or position, such as "first", "second", "third", etc. in English. In German, the ordinal numbers are quite similar to the cardinal numbers. Here are the first five ordinal numbers:

German Pronunciation English
Erste air-stuh First
Zweite tsvai-tuh Second
Dritte dritt-uh Third
Vierte fiert-uh Fourth
Fünfte fuenf-tuh Fifth

To practice using these ordinal numbers in German, imagine you are talking about your family:

  • Person 1: Wer ist die älteste Person in deiner Familie? (Who is the oldest person in your family?)
  • Person 2: Das ist meine Großmutter. Sie ist die erste Tochter von drei Geschwistern. (That is my grandmother. She is the first daughter of three siblings.)

Awesome! Now let's review what we've learned.

Review[edit | edit source]

Congratulations! Now you are able to count to 10 and use the first five ordinal numbers in German. But don't stop here – keep practicing and learning new words to improve your German Vocabulary.

To improve your German vocabulary, you can also use the Polyglot Club website. Find native speakers and ask them any questions!

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