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Animal Sounds in German
Animal Sounds in German

Hello Everyone, 😊

In today’s lesson we are going to study the following topic: â€ANIMAL SOUNDS” in German.

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Animal Sounds in German[edit | edit source]

English Deutsch
bleat, low (cattle) blöken


wau wau

wuf wuf

buzz (bees, bugs) brummen, summen
caw, squawk krÀchzen
chirp tschilpen, zirpen, zwitschern
cluck cluck

to cluck

gack gack

gackern, kichern

cock-a-doodle-doo kikeriki
coo gurren
croak, quack quaken
crow krÀhen
cuckoo kuckuck
gaggle (geese, ducks) schnattern
growl, snarl knurren
Dogs bark, go arf, yap, growl and howl. Hunde bellen, blaffen, klÀffen, knurren und jaulen.
grunt, oink grunzen
hee haw iaah
hiss fauchen (Katze)

zischen (Schlange)

hoot (owl) schreien, rufen
howl heulen, jaulen
meow miau
moo muh
oink oink grunz grunz
peep peep, cheep cheep

to peep

piep piep


purr schnurren
quack, croak quaken
roar brĂŒllen, brummen
screech kreischen, schreien
sing (birds) singen, schlagen
squeal, squawk quieksen, krĂ€chzen (parrot)
snort schnauben
warble, trill trillern
whinny, neigh wiehern
whistle pfeifen

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