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Bashkir Vocabulary - Fruits

Hi Bashkir learners! 😊
In this lesson, we will learn about different fruits in Bashkir. Having a large vocabulary of fruits will help you to communicate better in Bashkir, especially during your shopping trips or visits to a fruit market. We will cover the most common fruits, their Bashkir names, pronunciation, and English translations. Let's get started!

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Әйләндірмә (Introduction)[edit | edit source]

Fruits are a delicious and healthy part of a balanced diet. Knowing the Bashkir names for fruits can enrich your language skills while helping you to adopt a healthier food routine. Additionally, learning about the fruits will expose you to the rich culture and traditions of the Bashkirs.

To improve your Bashkir Vocabulary, you can also use the Polyglot Club website. Find native speakers and ask them any questions!

Сөзлег (Vocabulary)[edit | edit source]

Below is a table of common fruits in both Bashkir and English, along with their pronunciations. Practice saying them aloud to improve your pronunciation.

Bashkir Pronunciation English
Алма Alma Apple
Арбуз Arbuz Watermelon
Аңғуз Añgüz Quince
Аңғыр Añgır Fig
Аҫтар Aştär Grapes
Бадым Bädım Almond
Банан Banan Banana
Гыяндар Gïyandar Melons
Дыңғыл Dıñğıl Pomegranate
Җилүүн Jilüün Cherry
Киви Kivi Kiwi
Көгет Köget Peach
Манго Mango Mango
Мушмула Muşmula Medlar
Нар Nar Pomegranate
Нектаринә Nektarinä Nectarine
Портакал Portakal Orange
Ревень Reven' Rhubarb
Сайма Sayma Blackberry
Салмак Salmak Cornelian cherry
Синеңди Sineñdi Blueberry
Султана Sultanä Raisin
Үрәк Üräk Walnut
Шалҡан Şalqan Ashberry
Ябықшы Yabyqşı Raspberry

Күтәлес (Dialogue)[edit | edit source]

Here is a dialogue between two people discussing different fruits. Pay attention to the Bashkir words used in the dialogue.

  • Person 1: Монда кишмиш бар. (I have some raisins.)
  • Person 2: Айҙа, ман эштеңэ урчыҡтарның инде бар. (Great, I still have some walnuts left.)
  • Person 1: Тылсым, әлә дә олар менәм бәйрәмдәр өстәмәй, шәкиллә шәкиллә, урманда әвүҙләр торап минез дә былай. (Excellent, but I also like to mix them up, in different shapes and sizes, as well as with other dried fruits.)
  • Person 2: Алга, үҙгәртәмең. (Sure, let's try that.)

Бонус сөзлек (Bonus Vocabulary)[edit | edit source]

This section contains additional words related to fruits and fruits-related activities.

Bashkir Pronunciation English
Апельсин Apelsin Orange
Аҡҡыр Aqqır Vine
Аҡшаман Aqşaman Scoop
Иримшәкәр İrimşäkär Cider
Кәбир Käbir Grindstone
Лимон Limon Lemon
Мағарыч Mağarıç Knife
Мағәрәнә Mağäränä Mason jar
Мезгәр Mezgär Squeezer
Нарынғы Narıñğı Pomegranate juice
Үндер Ünder Vineyard
Чыңғыз Çıñğız Nutshell
Шарик && Shärik && Cherry stone

Күнделік мен герелес (Conclusion)[edit | edit source]

We have learned about fruits in Bashkir and improved our Bashkir vocabulary. Additionally, we now know about additional words related to fruits and fruits-related activities. Remember, to become fluent in Bashkir, it’s imperative to communicate with native speakers and practice speaking the language regularly. To practice your fruit vocabulary skills, visit a fruit market, or shop for fruits online. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Keep learning!

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