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Bashkir Vocabulary - Food

In today's lesson, we will learn some Bashkir words related to food. We will also learn some phrases using these words. At the end of the lesson, you will find some related lessons that you can explore. Please feel free to edit this wiki page if you think it can be improved. 😎

Take some time to dive into these other pages after completing this lesson: Greetings, Feelings and Emotions, How to say Good Bye? & Drink, beverage.

Main Words[edit | edit source]

Word in Bashkir Pronunciation English Translation
аҙам aḏam bread
ҡул qul meat
ҡаҙан qaḏan fish
ҡаҫа qaṣa cheese
ҡара qara milk
ҡаҙаҡ qaḏaq egg
ҡаҫҡа qaṣqa butter
ҡаҙаҡлар qaḏaqlar vegetables
ҡаҙантар qaḏantar fruits
ҡаҙантар һәм ҡаҙаҡлар qaḏantar häm qaḏaqlar fruits and vegetables
ҡаҙантар һәм ҡаҫа qaḏantar häm qaṣa fruits and cheese
ҡаҙаҡлар һәм ҡаҫа qaḏaqlar häm qaṣa vegetables and cheese
ҡаҙан һәм ҡаҫҡа qaḏan häm qaṣqa fish and butter

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