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Why is the plural not used here?

Google translator translates the sentence "The woman is wearing red shoes." with المرأة ترتدي حذاء أحمر

But حذاء is the singular of shoes, so حذاء means shoe.
Even in my textbook حذاء is used, though shoes are meant: أحتاج  إلى حذاء جديد (I need new shoes.)
Why is the plural not used?

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mohsen_mah profile picture mohsen_mahMarch 2021
There are quite a few words that appear almost always in plural in English (shoes, pants, socks, etc.). They usually come in pairs. Many languages treat these as singular. That’s just how they work.
Mona00Mostafa profile picture Mona00MostafaMarch 2021
There is a plural for حذاء which is أحذية
ًWe can use the plural when we talk about more than one pair of shoes.
For example: I went to the shoes shop = ذهبت إلى محل الأحذية
salsa_biil profile picture salsa_biilNovember 2021
In Arabic you can say فردة حذاء that`s translate to one shoe
but if you want to say shoes in Arabic there are two meanings the first is حذاء that the two part of shoe and احذية is the plural of many defferent shoes