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What is the difference between ROBBER, BURGLER, MUGGER and THIEF?
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AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgOctober 2020
I’ll improve the definition a little.

Burglar: someone who breaks in / forces his/her way into a building so as to steal something. It could be a home, office, factory and so on.

Robber: someone who threatens violence so that he/she can steal something from someone. If the threatened person does not permit the robber to take what the robber wants, then the robber will be violent so that he/she gets what he/she wants.

Mugger: Someone who uses violence without any warning to make it possible / easier to steal something from someone. It could be a criminal hitting someone on the head then stealing something from that person.

Another one not on the list but common is ”pickpocket”.

Pickpocket: someone who steals from someone’s pocket, coat or bag without that person realising that he/she is having something stolen. The thing stolen is directly on the victim, not somewhere else such as on a table.

Thief: someone who steals something without threatening violence. Burglars (usually) and pickpockets can also be classified as thieves (the plural of ”thief”). Someone who takes someone’s wallet from a desk by just walking through a door is a thief, but not a pickpocket or a burglar.

anton_maximov profile picture anton_maximovApril 2019

Hi, I'll try to help you with a few of them. The one who is most distinguishing here to me is a burglar, because that's the one who breaks into your house and takes things out. A robber is the guy who threatens in order to steal. He can come to the bank and threaten to injure. A mugger is the one who takes things from a person in a public For example in the mall or in a bus. A thief is a general term to name someone who steals.

MarthaO profile picture MarthaOJuly 2019
A burglar enters a building to steal, a robber threatens in order to steal, a mugger is a robber who threatens to or actually injuries a person on the street. A thief is someone who steals, usually with anyones knowledge during the act.