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At: place

"At" is used to talk about position at a point[edit | edit source]


It's very hot at the centre of the earth.

Turn right at the next corner. 

Sometimes we use "at" with a larger place, if we just think of this as a point: a stage on a journey or a meeting place, for example.[edit | edit source]



- The plane stops for an hour at/in Frankfurt, (a point on a journey)

She lives in Frankfurt, (somebody’s home) (not she lives at Frankfurt.)

- Let’s meet at the club, (a meeting point)

It was warm and comfortable in the club, (a place to spend time)  

We very often use "at" before the name of a building, when we are thinking not of the building itself but of the activity that happens there.[edit | edit source]


I first heard her sing at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

Eat at the Steak House - best food in town.

Sorry I didn't call last night - I was at the theatre.  

"At" is particularly common with proper names used for buildings or organisations.[edit | edit source]


- I first met your father at/in Harrods.

I first met your father in a shop.

- She works at Legal and General Insurance.

She works in a big insurance company.  

"At" is used to say where people study.[edit | edit source]


He's at the London School of Economics.  

We use "at" with the name of a city to talk about the city’s university[edit | edit source]


He’s a student at Oxford.

He lives in Cambridge.  

"At" is also used before the names of group activities.[edit | edit source]

at a party;  at a meeting; at a concert; at a lecture; at the match

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