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English homophones - part I

THIS IS PART I - GO to PART II Hello English learners 😎

This is part I of English homophones.

I have added some new words that can be confusing also because they sound the same but mean something else. these words in english are called “homophones.”

I will include these in two parts because there are so many.

These are some of the homophones in English. I will post more at a later time.

The words that follow are not considered “homophones” but are also tricky words in english.

BARE/BEAR[edit | edit source]

  • Bare (adj) - naked, uncovered.

“He walks in his bare feet.”

  • Bear (noun) - a large furry mammal.

“I saw a big brown bear in the zoo.”

DO/DEW/DUE[edit | edit source]

  • Dew (noun) - water drops accumulated on plants and objects outside during the night.

“The morning dew was on the grass.”

  • Do (verb) - to carry out an action.

“What did you do yesterday?”

  • Due (adj) - a date when something is expected to happen.

“The rent is due on Friday.”

EYE/I[edit | edit source]

  • Eye (noun) - the part of one’s face used for vision.

“My eyes grow tired when I read too much.”

  • I (pronoun) - first person, singular.

“I went to the store.”

HEAR/HERE[edit | edit source]

  • Hear (verb) - the function of the ears.

“I can hear the music.”

  • Here (adverb) - where you are located at the moment.

“I am here in the living room. You are there in the kitchen.”

HOUR/OUR[edit | edit source]

  • Hour (noun) - 60 minutes of time.

“I will leave in one hour.”

  • Our (pronoun) - possessive form of “we.”

“Our house is on the corner of the street.”

MALE/MAIL[edit | edit source]

  • Male (adj. or noun) - masculine gender

“The new baby is a male.”

  • Mail (verb or noun) - something sent through the post office, letters and packages, also email.

“I sent you a letter via the post office.”

RIGHT/WRITE[edit | edit source]

  • Right (adj.) - meaning the side opposite “left” or being correct.

“My sister is right-handed.”

“He did the right thing to help the children.”

  • Write (verb) - expressing ideas on paper or keyboard.

“I want to write a letter.”

SON/SUN[edit | edit source]

  • Son (noun) - a male child

“My son is playing soccer.”

  • Sun (noun) - the star at the center of our solar system.

“The sun was bright today. We had no rain.”

ONE/WON[edit | edit source]

  • One (noun) - number after 0 and before 2.

“There was only one person in the room.”

  • Won (verb) - form of “to win” past tense.

“I won the game yesterday.”

WEAR/WHERE[edit | edit source]

  • Wear (verb) - to have clothing on one’s body.

“He was wearing a sweater.”

  • Where (interrogative) - a question that asks for a location.

“Where is the school?”

WAIT/WEIGHT[edit | edit source]

  • Wait (verb) - postpone time and remain in one place.

“Wait for the bus.”

  • Weight (noun) - the measure of heaviness.

“He was a heavy weight man.”

TO/TWO/TOO[edit | edit source]

  • To (preposition) - a direction forward.

“I am going to the store.”

  • Two (noun) - number after l, before 3.

“It takes two to form a marriage.”

  • Too (adverb) - also, in addition to.

“John went shopping and Mary went shopping too.”

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