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Here is a quick lesson about the English names of body parts.

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  1. Face (fās): The front part of a person's head from the forehead to the chin
  2. Neck (nek)
  3. Chest (chest): In the case of a woman the word would be "breasts (bres-ts)." However "breasts" is plural because they refer to both breasts (unless a woman happens to have one breast this is the correct form). Here is an example sentence: "I have back problems because of my huge breasts."
  4. Nipples (ˈnipəls): This word is in plural form
  5. Belly button (bell·lē but·tun)
  6. Hand (hand)
  7. Fingers (fēn-gurs)
  8. Stomach (stum-ik): This word can either be used to refer to a person's midsection or digestive organ.
  9. Knee (nē): This word begins with a silent "k"
  10. Crotch (kroch; grōēn (pē-nis/ tes-ti-culz; bolz): The words "crotch" and "groin" are words that refer to this general area and are slightly more polite. They can be used to describe either men or women, but are more commonly used to describe men. "Penis" and "testicles" are the English scientific terms for the male sex organs and are considered inappropriate depending on the situation. For example, the most common appropriate situations to use these words are for medical reasons, comedy, etc.. "Balls" is slang for "testicles" and is more inappropriate than the words previously mentioned but less crude than a curse word. The female sex organ is called a "vagina (vu-jai-nu)."
  11. Head (hed)
  12. Shoulders (ˈshōldərz)
  13. Arm (arm)
  14. Back (bak)
  15. Elbow (el-bō)
  16. Butt (but) or buttocks: Refers to the general area
  17. Thigh (thī)
  18. Leg (leg)
  19. Ankle (ānkul): The area right above the foot
  20. Foot (fo͝ot): The plural of foot is irregular. "Feet"


Vincent, Teenlinguist,, Ssaaajad and Skrama

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