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DAMASOCA profile picture DAMASOCAMay 2012
I'm Italian ... My Italian for your English. Let us Help!!!
DAMASOCA profile picture DAMASOCAMay 2012
Seeking a penfriend ... I write in Italian and you could write in English ...
  • Federica85 profile picture Federica85June 2012
    Hi!I'm Federica and I'm italian. I can help you with italian,can you help me in english?
GiuliaTullio profile picture GiuliaTullioDecember 2011
I'm looking for a french exchange! I would like to visit Paris!
bettypatti profile picture bettypattiAugust 2012
Hoi! I am italian and I am looking for a Dutch pen-friend... Ik spreek geen Nederlands (not yet). Doei
sabryesse profile picture sabryesseOctober 2012
ciao,sono italiana e vorrei imparare l'inglese