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FabioROMA profile picture FabioROMAMarch 2017
Hello, I'm Italian I'm here for to improve my english and I will help you to learn Italian
Alessandra83 profile picture Alessandra83February 2017
Hi, i'm Italian, form Rome, I'd like find new friends in roma to improve my english.
StevenLee profile picture StevenLeeAugust 2016

Hello ~

I'm Korean. my name is Steven Lee.  I'm Going to go to Rome 13, September, 2016.

I want to make Italian friends. If you want to be a my friend, plz send message - Kakao ID: SafeSteven

or text me on this page.

LorenzoMar profile picture LorenzoMarApril 2016
hi! I'm italian and I'd like find new friends in roma to improve my english end spanish , see you next!
vultus profile picture vultusNovember 2012
Hello, I'm Italian and I would like to learn English language, but also to meet new people.
sabryesse profile picture sabryesseOctober 2012
hi!I live in italy and I'd like to improve my english with new friends from all over the world!and I can help you with your italian.ty
PaoloCanadese profile picture PaoloCanadeseMarch 2012
Io abito in Canada, parlo inglese. Cerco per un amico chi vorrano parlano italiano, e correggono io. Anche io parlero inglese e correggo inglese di Lei.

colloquetur de nobis!

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