Why "Polyglot Club"?

In most countries, the burgeoning number of language schools, institutes and university foreign language departments bear witness to a strong and increasing demand for training in foreign languages.

Nevertheless, these institutions have their own limitations:
a) The methods that they use are not always suited to the different learning styles of their public.
b) Foreign languages have complex subject matter in their very nature. Foreign language learning demands repeated and sustained (especially oral) practice that schools simply CANNOT provide.

Practice takes time, and time is money!
Polyglot Club is free and provides plenty of opportunities for intensive, extensive and effective foreign language practice.
You will have the choice between written (online) and oral (face to face) communication.

So, take your learning into your own hands!

Ideally, to improve your fluency in a foreign language, you should treat yourself to a total immersion language trip. But for many reasons (financial, professional, political, social...), this is not always feasible.

Ergo, why not take advantage of the great resources offered by the World Wide Web? And of course, those of Polyglot Club!

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