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Turkish Vocabulary - Body

Hi Turkish learners! 😊
In this lesson, we will learn the most important words related to the body in Turkish. Knowing these words will help you to understand and communicate better with native speakers. Let's get started! 🤗

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Anatomy[edit | edit source]

The human body is composed of many parts, each with its own name in Turkish. Here are some of the most important ones:

Turkish Pronunciation English Translation
Göz goyz Eye
Kulak koolak Ear
Burun booroon Nose
Ağız ah-yiz Mouth
Diş deesh Tooth
Saç saach Hair
Kaş kash Eyebrow
Yüz yuuz Face
Boyun boyoon Neck
Omuz omoz Shoulder
Kol kol Arm
El el Hand
Bilek bee-lek Wrist
Bel bel Waist
Karın kah-rin Stomach
Kalça kal-cha Hip
Bacak bah-jak Leg
Diz deez Knee
Ayak ah-yak Foot
Topuk toh-pook Ankle

Parts of the Body[edit | edit source]

In Turkish, there are also specific words for different parts of the body. Here are some of them:

Turkish Pronunciation English Translation
Göz kapağı goyz kah-pah-luh Eyelid
Kaş çizgisi kash cheez-gee-see Eyebrow line
Göz küresi goyz koo-reh-see Eyeball
Burun deliği booroon deh-lee-gee Nostril
Dil deel Tongue
Dudak doo-dak Lip
Diş eti deesh eh-tee Gum
Saç teli saach teh-lee Hair strand
Omuz kısmı omoz keesmuh Shoulder part
Kol bileği kol bee-leh-gee Elbow
El parmağı el pahr-mah-goo Finger
Tırnak teernak Nail
Bel kısmı bel keesmuh Waist part
Kalça kısmı kal-cha keesmuh Hip part
Bacak kısmı bah-jak keesmuh Leg part
Diz kapağı deez kah-pah-luh Knee cap
Ayak parmağı ah-yak pahr-mah-goo Toe
Topuk kısmı toh-pook keesmuh Ankle part

Practice[edit | edit source]

To improve your Turkish Vocabulary, you can also use the Polyglot Club website. Find native speakers and ask them any questions!

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