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Why learning Spanish is important

Spanish is a beautiful language, more and more popular and spoken by millions of people around the world. It is also a language that will enable you to go on holiday in many countries, from Spain to Mexico, while being able to communicate with the inhabitants! If you are not yet ready to start, here are 5 good reasons to learn Spanish.

It's easy![edit | edit source]

Spanish is the ideal language to learn after English, thanks to the similarities between the two languages. By comparing, you will have no problem understanding the grammar and memorizing the vocabulary.

Work where you want[edit | edit source]

Language skills are very important in the competitive labor market and Spanish and highly sought after. Speaking this language will be a real passport for you to find a job abroad, whether in Europe, the United States or Latin America. You might even get the job of your dreams!

Join the world's largest club[edit | edit source]

After Mandarin, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with more than 500 million people spread over more than 20 countries! This makes a lot of people with whom to practice your Spanish.

Travel differently[edit | edit source]

Communicating with the inhabitants in their mother tongue opens many doors. The locals will give you tips to get off the beaten path and you will discover the best places to eat, party and find good deals. This is another good reason to revise your Spanish.

Enjoy culture![edit | edit source]

Spanish culture is exciting, creative and entertaining. Discover in the original version universally known artists like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Goya and Picasso through their works and their interviews. You can also use your Spanish to learn Spanish cuisine, using local recipes!



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