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Spanish Educational System

We are going to learn about the educational system in Spain to help people to understand what is the equivalence in their own country. The education is obligatory until 16 and then people may choose between two options to keep on studying or work at professional life.

Children 3-5 years[edit | edit source]

The children begin their pre-scholar stage at 3 year old at kindergarten (jardín de infancia) but it’s not until 5 years old when it’s obligatory for all children attend to school. They play games to learn words, colors or numers. They should also learn to communicate with others and what they can do and what not.

Primary School 5- 12 years[edit | edit source]

At 5 years old, children start at primary school (primaria) where they learn the most basic things such as reading, writing, draw, adding and so on. They will have different subjects such as math, Spanish subject, religion, music, drawing, physical education, natural education and English subject.

Secondary School 12- 16 years[edit | edit source]

They will pass to secondary school (secundaria) at age of 12 where they will stay four year more until 16 and the end of compulsory education. At secondary school they will experience some big changes because the subjects are more difficult and require more time. Subjects such as history, technology, math, English, Spanish language, geology or biology, physical education, music and draw are taught.

Differents possibilities after the obligatory education.[edit | edit source]

Legally after 16 years old, the adolescent can leave school but there are several possibilities here to choose and where you can guide your life. You can simply pass your obligatory studies and get a job whatever you find and they don’t require a superior education but generally there are two different ways very well distinguished.

  • Those who don’t want to study at superior education may study the professional course (Modulos) which will prepare to a specific jobs. There are two levels in these courses and they take you two years to complete them. The areas of these courses are very varied since electronic, industry or mechanic until gardening, hairdressing or painting.
  • If you want to study at superior education, you must follow with high school and after that the university. This preparation for the university degree takes two years, there separated onto two level and the subjects are similar at the secondary school. The students normally are 16 to 18 years when they take this course.

University Degree[edit | edit source]

There are public and private universities and degrees are open to everyone who wants to study there, existing a large range of possibilities. The majority of these degrees are recognized in other countries and they prepare to you for professional life too.  These studies take four years to complete them and its possible take several degrees at same time but that depend on each university. At least you must be 18 years to be allowed to take these courses. After completing the university studies you can take a Master studies to specializate in a specific area or work. The last step of an academic course is a (PhD) (Doctorado).

Exam for Public Service (oposición)[edit | edit source]

Another possibility to study and get a job it’s to pass an exam for Public Service (oposición) which let you to work for the government at public site. This exam for Public Service change depending on what level of studies is required and obviously the salary too. But at least you must have the obligatory education certificate.

The adult school[edit | edit source]

I want to mention too that there is an adult school to all those people who want to get the basic study certificate or simply to review this knowledge. It’s necessary that you are older than 18 years and you pay the tax.

Others courses[edit | edit source]

Others special courses which exist are destined to top sportsman or those who want tolearn languages or art but the requirement depend on what course you want to apply and where you want to make it.


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