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Hello polyglots, 😀

On this page you will find a part of the Sci–Tech Index, a project for science and technology learners.

cmn-Hans-CN: 科目 cmn-Latn.Pinyin-CN: kēmù deu-Latn-DE: Fach [n] eng-Latn-US: subject fra-Latn-FR: matière [f] jpn-Jpan-JP: 科目 jpn-Hrkt-JP: か↑もく rus-Cyrl-RU: предме́т

Main[edit | edit source]

cmn-Hans-CN: 概念 cmn-Hans-CN: 前提 cmn-Latn.Pinyin-CN: gàiniàn cmn-Latn.Pinyin-CN: qiántí deu-Latn-DE: Begriff [m] deu-Latn-DE: Voraussetzung [f] eng-Latn-US: concept eng-Latn-US: prerequisite fra-Latn-FR: concept [m] fra-Latn-FR: préalable [m] jpn-Jpan-JP: 概念 jpn-Jpan-JP: 前提 jpn-Hrkt-JP: が↓いねん jpn-Hrkt-JP: ぜ↑んてい rus-Cyrl-RU: конце́пция rus-Cyrl-RU: предпосы́лка
conditional entropy support <topology>; entropy
differential entropy, continuous entropy probability density function <probability theory>; support <topology>; quantile function <probability theory>
information content, self-information, surprisal, Shannon information random variable <probability theory>; probability <probability theory>
joint entropy entropy; joint probability distribution <probability theory>
limiting density of discrete points differential entropy
mutual information independence <probability theory>; information content
relative entropy, Kullback–Leibler divergence statistical distance <probability theory>

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Sentence[edit | edit source]

cmn-Hans-CN: 语句 cmn-Hans-CN: 前提 cmn-Latn.Pinyin-CN: yǔjù cmn-Latn.Pinyin-CN: qiántí deu-Latn-DE: Satz [m] deu-Latn-DE: Voraussetzung [f] eng-Latn-US: sentence eng-Latn-US: prerequisite fra-Latn-FR: phrase [f] fra-Latn-FR: préalable [m] jpn-Jpan-JP: 文章 jpn-Jpan-JP: 前提 jpn-Hrkt-JP: ぶ​↑んしょ↓う jpn-Hrkt-JP: ぜ↑んてい rus-Cyrl-RU: фра́за rus-Cyrl-RU: предпосы́лка

Symbol[edit | edit source]

symbol cmn-Hans-CN: 含义 cmn-Latn.Pinyin-CN: hányì deu-Latn-DE: Bedeutung [f] eng-Latn-US: meaning fra-Latn-FR: signification [f] jpn-Jpan-JP: 意味 jpn-Hrkt-JP: い​↓​み rus-Cyrl-RU: значе́ние

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