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Engineering in general:

Mechanical Engineering:

It is a project for science and technology learners, to cover concepts from primary schools to colleges, enterprises and institutes.

I used to be the top student in the primary school on all subjects, but somehow lost interests in the school lectures. As I became an adolescent, I had difficulty to focus on those science lessons, because as the Internet became widespread, I discovered the overwhelmingly attractive world that those little buildings and the plentiful boring adults couldn't create, especially computer games. I decided to learn science, so I can explore the truth of the world, even if I was at the bottom in the class on that.

Those formations of pixel and electromagnetic vibrations were so powerful, altering my mood as they wish. But as time goes by, my horizon is broadened and my thinking is more organized, they could no longer be amazing as before for me. Besides that, most things have been losing their glamour as I become more and more familiar with them. Science and technology are not aloft as well. The only way to keep them fresh is to innovate with them.

“What can I do that helps myself and other people, to keep motivated in learning science?” I found out many reasons, like the abuse in the school by teachers, horrible teaching methods, but they are not what I can do with. I feel lucky that I could meet a few teachers that truly put students above most other things, including much of their own spare time, in such a Machiavellian world. I became aware that there should be a guide for everyone, in case they don't have the chance to meet people that improve their life fundamentally.

That's the story of why Sci-Tech Index came into being. I thought about creating a “concept catalogue”, then when I was creating flashcards with scientific terms, I made it briefer than the prototype and it's online.

Further plans are writing a program that automatically fill the “prerequisite” except for eng-Latn-US, a program that sorts the entries in alphabetic order of eng-Latn-US, a program that checks redundant prerequisites, a program that allows finding what can be learned from what have been learned, a program that can be used to search.


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