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Japan is an archipel (a group of isles).

There are many small isles but Japan is known to be mainly composed by 4 large islands: Hokkaidou, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyuushuu.

Each of them is divided in a set of prefectures, except for Hokkaidou which has only one prefecture : HOKKAIDOU.

Beside Prefecture, there's also districts which compose main islands.

The shape of Japan looks like a curve. With a few of imagination, we can see the letter "J" with a top bar.

Summary: Japan is 4 main islands, 8 aeras and 47 prefectures.

Hokkaidou[edit | edit source]

Hokkaidou is a whole itself. Isle, prefecture and everything.

It means there is only Hokkaidou, nothing else.

Honshu[edit | edit source]

Hon, means main. Honshu Is the largest of four. Located between the south of Hokkaidou and the north of Kyuushuu.

Contrary to other islands, Honshu also got aeras which are : Touhoku, Kantou, Chuubu, Kansai and Chuugoku.

Is located in the deep east of Japan.

Tohoku prefectures[edit | edit source]

Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata, Fukushima.

Kantou prefectures[edit | edit source]

Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitam, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa.

Chuubu prefectures[edit | edit source]

Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi, Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi.

Kansai prefectures[edit | edit source]

Mie, Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama.

Chuugoku prefectures[edit | edit source]

Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi

Shikoku[edit | edit source]

Shikoku is the smallest main island. It is located under the Chuugoku aera and between Kansai aera and Kyuushuu island.

It is composed of 4 prefectures.

Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi.

Kyuushuu[edit | edit source]

Is the south east of Japan.

Located is the very far west south, the most famous city is Nagasaki, known to has been hit by the A-Bomb at the end of WW2.

Okinawa[edit | edit source]

There is also another very famous Island called Okinawa which is attached to Kyuushuu.

Historic facts[edit | edit source]

  • 1995 : Kobe got hit by an earthquake which made ...
  • 2011 : The biggest earthquake ever happend in the region of Tohoku, distric of Sendai


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