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Here are some tips for learning feelings and emotions in Japanese.

Kanji Hiragana Romaji Translation
あい Ai Love
喜び よろこび Yorokobi Joy
幸せ しあわせ Shiawase Happiness
友好 ゆうこう Yuukou Friendship
期待 きたい Kitai Hope
幸福感 こうふくかん Koufukukan Euphoria
勇気 ゆうき Yuuki Courage
人情 にんじょう Ninjou Empathy, kidness
憂鬱 ゆううつ Yuuutsu Melancholy
悲しみ かなしみ Kanashimi Sadness
怒り、憤慨 いかり / ふんがい Ikari, fungai Anger, resentment,

fury, wrath, rage


恐れ おそれ Osore Fear
憎しみ にくしみ Nikushimi Hate
苦悩 くのう Kunou Distress
容赦 ようしゃ Yousha Mercy

A character of the most famous Sci-Fi movie uses this sentence at a turning point:

"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. - Master Yoda."

He tells this to Anakin when he falls in love with queen Amidala / Padme. It is a warning, but Anakin doesn't listen.

In japanese this sentence becomes:


Osore ha Dark Side (daaku saido) ni tsujiru. Osore ha okuri ni; okuri ha nikushimi ni, nikushimi ha kutsuu he.

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