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Persian Vocabulary ➡ Be angry with someone

Hello everybody,

Today I will teach you commonly used expressions in Persian to say you are angry with someone.

I don’t want to talk to you[edit | edit source]

  • من نمیخواهم باهات حرف بزنم.
  • man nemikhaham bahat harf bezanam.

Cut it out[edit | edit source]

  • دست بردار
  • dast bardaar

It's none of your business[edit | edit source]

  • به تو هیچ ربطی ندارد.
  • beh to hich rabti nadaarad.

I'm upset[edit | edit source]

  • من ناراحتم.
  • man naaraahatam.

Watch your mouth[edit | edit source]

  • حرف دهنتو بفهم.
  • harf-e dahaneto befahm.

Be in garage with someone (slang)[edit | edit source]

our relation is water, sugar (it is persian )[edit | edit source]

beynemun shekar abe

Go and fly a kite (slang)[edit | edit source]

go and feed gooses (it is persian)[edit | edit source]

boro ghaz becheran

get lost (slang)[edit | edit source]

برو گمشو در فارسی و انگلیسی مشترک



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