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Hi everyone,

I will teach you some important and polite sentences you can use in Persian.

بفرماييد[edit | edit source]

This sentense is used when:

  • you are going to give something to the someone like some food, a gift etc.
  • you want to say someone to come to enter your apartment when they are at the front door.


  • بفرماييد شام
Come to the lunch table.
  • بفرماييد داخل
Come inside.
  • بفرماييد از اين كباب ها ميل كنيد
Come on, eat this kebabs.
  • Dinner = شام
  • Inside = داخل
  • Eat = ميل كنيد

بفرماييد[edit | edit source]

In the Iranian culture, it's very unpolite to be the first to seat at the dinner table.

Before sitting, you must first say :

  • بفرماييد
Please, seat first.

لطفا بيشتر بخوريد[edit | edit source]

When you are a host you could say:

  • لطفا بيشتر بخوريد
Please, eat more


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