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In this lesson i want to teach the names of some parts of body in Persian.

I hope it's useful.

word in English pronunciation in Persian meaning in Persian
Hand dast دست
Head sar سر
Finger angosht انگشت
Eyebrows abru ابرو-ابرو ها
Eyes cheshm چشم- چشم ها
Nose bini-damagh بینی-دماغ
Ear goosh گوش
Mouth dahan دهان
Elbow arenj آرنج
Foot pa پا
Hips basan باسن
Throat galoo گلو
Hair moo مو
Penis alat tanasoli آلت تناسلی
Knee zanoo زانو
Ankle moche pa مچ پا
Wrist moche dast مچ دست
Neck gardan گردن
Chin chaneh چانه

thanks for reading:)

Have a brilliant time:)



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