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Tilly profile picture TillyAugust 2012
KAn iemand mij helpen met een in het arabisch geschreven coordinaat?
dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2012



Hello, I can help you with English and Russian ( I'm a native Russian speaker). Besides, I suggest culture exchange. You can find me here

  • dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2012
    If you want to learn Russian or English send me a message. Besides I'm looking for new friends for pleasure communication.
areku_takazawa profile picture areku_takazawaNovember 2009




I'm an Indonesian. I'm new-comer in the Netherlands. I will study for a year here. I would like to learn dutch and its culture. Anybody would like to teach me? my skype is areku_takazawa



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