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Ladies and Gentlemen! We suggest you the best way to learn the first international language of the world. Reader of modern newspapers will have observed an up ward tendency in the number of people who learn this language for communication. There are plenty of  books and special courses that suggest you to do your communication skills better. What is the  zest of our course?

I suggest you real communication, I can correct your mistakes and explain rules of the language.

Besides, if you have any questions about grammar you can ask. If you  want to start work , send me a message.

In addition, I would like to ask you to write a little information in you messages about yourself (hobbies, interests, dreams). It is very important because I  work with social networks and I would like to know  whom am I going to communicate with.


Best wishes, yours Dmitry.

dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2013
If someone needs my help with English , please send me a message.I'll answer to everyone !
dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2013
who wants to join also?
lingua7 profile picture lingua7August 2012
The first international language of the world??