The Netherlands multi-language meeting

Dear Polyglots of The Netherlands,

Let's get to know eachother in a relaxed environment, meet some people to share languages, make new friends!

So, the weatherforecast doens't look very promising for next sunday, but that's no problem of course :) No picnic, we'll relocate to a bar. Meetingplace will be Doelencafe, very centrally located in Rotterdam (at walking distance from Central Station). You could also eat there, lunch or some snacks.

If you can't find us, ask at the bar for polyglot members!

People with a wide variety of native languages are joining (e.g. Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Finnish, Spanish, Mandarin, Norwegian, Farsi, Turkish and more!), so it will definitely be interesting! Looking forward to seeing you all on sunday!




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EKMARTIN profile picture EKMARTINSeptember 2013
will join next time
Tonulio profile picture TonulioAugust 2012

Hi finally where we are going to meet us in the bar or in the park


  • Mnemosyne profile picture MnemosyneAugust 2012
    It will be a bar: 14.00h, Het Doelencafe, Schouwburgplein 52, Rotterdam. See you there
MimiMagusin profile picture MimiMagusinJuly 2012
I'm trying to convince some friends to come as well Are there really only five participants at the moment?
  • Mnemosyne profile picture MnemosyneJuly 2012
    There are some more participants from CouchSurfing. Around 15 people signed up now. More people are definitely welcome, so please spread the word
  • MimiMagusin profile picture MimiMagusinJuly 2012
    Do you mind if I put it on the as well? I think your organisations are both overlapping at some point, you both bring people together all over the world!