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What is the difference between "fotografías viejas" and "viejas fotografías"?

In a movies' subtitle the guy said viejas fotografías but since it is an adjective I think viaje shold come after the foto. I looked it up and saw both forms on the internet. What is the difference and how can I say "We laugh at our old photographs." in Spanish? Thank you :) 

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elmecama profile picture elmecamaApril 2020

''Viejas fotografías'' is kind of a poetic form to say ''fotografías viejas'', if you want to emphasize that the photographs are old. Both are correct ways to say the same, but in a conversation it is not common to say ''viejas fotografías'', you will use ''fotografías viejas''.

''We laugh at our old photographs'' is ''nos reímos de nuestras fotografías viejas''.
  • S0ulrebel profile picture S0ulrebelFörra månaden
    Like elmecama said, both are correct, a literally form is when adjective precedes noun, but many times adverbial adjectives precedes nouns, and many times too the way you put the adjective change the meaning of the prhase like : El pobre hombre (pobre indicates pity) El hombre pobre (pobre indicates poverty)
finyger_fr profile picture finyger_frApril 2020
The same but I say "fotografías viejas"
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How to take?