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I’m reading the transcript of the movie Левиафан, they say this: Я ж тебе говорю - у них на всех есть Фаберже. the English subtitles say: I’m telling you, they’ve got them all by the balls.

I just cannot make sense of it.
can someone help me understand? feel free to write in Russian.
thank you.

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mikkilinn profile picture mikkilinnMay 2020
Здесь, скорее всего, Фаберже - значит яйца Фаберже. Намек на русскую поговорку "держать за яйца" (очень грубое выражение), иметь компромат.
exRanger profile picture exRangerJune 2020
@ mikkilinn is quite correct.

A perfect explanation. The film's original words convey the meaning of "holding someone (male or female - t it's merely symbolic) by "the balls" or, as Russians often refer to (male) gonads, "eggs". Of course Carl Faberge is renowned for the (some might say) excessive opulence of the so-called Tsar "Easter Egg" objects de arts he handcrafted for House of Romanov in the 19th century. Surely you (@valsugana) have heard or know of (1) House of Faberge and (2) Tsar's EGG collection?

Note: Faberge handcrafted many other exquisite, and equally garishly opulent, jewelry designs but none have captured a place in popular culture as have the so-called "Easter Eggs".

- exRanger