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What is 沐雨橙风?

Hi everyone. I'm trying to watch a Chinese series, "The King's Avatar", and there is a game nickname of a character there: 沐雨橙风. I've found an explanation that it is based on "suffer the rain and wind (沐雨栉风)", but 栉 was replaced with 橙 because of 沐橙 that is a given name of the character (Su Mucheng). But in English subtitles 沐雨橙风 was translated as Dancing Rain. I cannot understand - why "dancing"? Is there any additional hidden meaning there, probably some sound similarity or something? What is the most correct way to translate 沐雨橙风 to English? Thank you in advance.

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StarlightWLBB profile picture StarlightWLBB3 weeks ago
查了汉语词典,橙的意义就是平时的那种果实,可以强行理解为“橙树结果实后,夹杂着果香的脑中风”。或者橙在古文中有什么特别的意义?其实中文中的人物名字并不一定有一个完整的意义,可能只是在沐橙的间隔加了风雨二字而已。英文翻译成Dancing Rain不一定是直译,可能是意译,可以看看这种翻译是否与其剧情有关。就像电影Waterloo Bridge被翻译成了“魂断蓝桥”。这个问题挺有意思,也希望有高人赐教。