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Sparare sulla croce rossa

The italian expression "sparare sulla croce rossa" (literally "shooting at the Red Cross") means "taking advantage of someone's inability to answer back or to defend himself.(since, of course, Red Cross members do not carry weapons and cannot return fire if attacked during a war).

What could a possible english-language translation be?

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exRanger profile picture exRanger3 weeks ago
”Like shooting at a sitting duck.” (”in a pond” is implied)


”Like shooting ducks sitting in a pond.”

In other words, it means having a shot at bagging (i.e., killing) ”easy prey” (i.e., the ducks).
  • exRanger profile picture exRanger3 weeks ago
    Note: we have additional ”sayings” to express the concept in your original question, but the ”sitting ducks” example is (probably) the most common, @ least in The States.

    NOTE: We also say ”Like shooting ducks in a barrel.” ... the implication being the ducks are even a more accessible/ripe target in a barrel than they are in a (presumably larger) pond setting.
will_stewa profile picture will_stewa3 weeks ago
Another common saying in the US is ”like shooting fish in a barrel.” Implying that they can’t escape and are easy prey as well as unsuspecting of their danger.