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Phrasal verbs with through and for

through[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]

Examples[edit | edit source]

1.   In the first phases of the battle of Stalingrad, the Russians broke through the Romanian army line.

2.   Beppe Grillo’s party broke through into parliament.

3.   The teacher checked through all his pupils’ homework.

4.   My project to prepare my exams by the summer fell through.

5.   I couldn’t get through my sister as my telephone was cut off.

6.   A good husband should get through his wife.

7.   After marrying Jane, Alberto got through hell.

8.   Before each show, the cast goes through the script at least twice.

9.   My refund application didn’t go through the Cambridge ESOL staff.

10.   Although I looked through my desk, I couldn’t find my watch.

11.  The surgeon maintained that his patient has only few chances to pull through.

12.  The freshmen were put through a humiliating initiation process by the sophomores.

13.   During the meeting, the manager ran through the details of the incoming takeover.

14.  I’m exhausted: I cannot see my studies through.

15.  If there is a thunderstorm, I don’t think I can sleep through.

16.  Before making any choice, you should always think it through.

For[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]

Examples[edit | edit source]

17.  Her husband is forever asking her to account for her shopping.

18.  I applied for a higher position in the firm and I also asked for a pay rise.

19.  I’ll call for you at 9 o’ clock.

20.  Dealing with that tough situation calls for determination and ruthlessness.

21.  Last year I fell for a shop-assistant.

22.  Never have I fallen for his tricks.

23.  Helene is forever fishing for compliments. In other words, she’s always trying to make other people say something nice about her.

24.  I’ve been offered a holiday in Madagascar. I think I’ll go for it!

25.  The plane suddenly made for Manchester, instead for Edinburgh, because of a rain storm.

26.  I have mistaken Erica for her twin-sister Brittney.

27.  I sent for information to the Cambridge Online Shop.

28.  U.N. stands for the United Nations.

29.  She stands for an overall recognition of women’s rights on a workplace.

30.  During the winter, a great many poor people simply cannot get by.

31.  Your behaviour doesn’t go by the law.

32.  Pierre used to go by Anatole: he did everything that the latter had done.

33.  My father in 28 years put by enough money to buy a new flat in Malafede.

34.  Never does he stand by his promises.

35.  During the heights of the Roman Empire, a team of sailor stood by the Colosseum to manoeuvre a giant curtain.

36.  Professor Keeting encouraged his students to seal the day saying that time is constantly ticking by.

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