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Which is correct? "I've been living here for 5 years" OR "I've lived here for 5 years"?
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1. I've been living here for 5 years. It means You have lived for 5 years and you are still living here, not leaving the place.

2. I've lived here for 5 years. It means you have lived here for 5 years and you are going to move to another place from now on.

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  • Berber06 profile picture Berber06   
    I have been living here since 5 years .............
      1 weeks ago
  • john_yamam profile picture john_yamam   
    I disagree with what you are saying here. It is perfectly correct to say something like "I have lived here for five years and I have never seen anything like that", using the present perfect simple and with no implication that you are going to stop living here. Equally, you can say, "I've been living here for five years and it's time for a change", using the present perfect continuous and implying that you are not going to continue living here.

    The real difference between the two forms is that the simple form focuses on the speaker's state or condition at the time of speaking, while the continuous form focuses on the process or time frame in the period of time before the time of speaking.

    "I've lived here for five years." - The speaker is a person who has had the experience of living in a particular place for five years.

    "I've been living here for five years." - The speaker has been through the process of living in a particular place for five years.

    These expressions in themselves do not tell us anything about whether the person will or will not continue living there in the future. That can only be shown by adding more context.

    The difference between these two expressions is very slight, and I can't think of any contexts where one of these expressions would definitely be right and the other would definitely be wrong. If you can think of such a context please tell me!
      Last month
  • negin13 profile picture negin13   
    if u still live there the first sentence is correct if u are not living there anymore, the second one is right.
      September 2018
  • Aileen2711 profile picture Aileen2711   
    Both are correct. However, what you mean when you say either of these sentences is different
      June 2018
  • aliko83 profile picture aliko83   
    I have been living here for 5 years
      December 2017
  • Reginald_Raymund profile picture Reginald_Raymund   
    Your first number is correct, but the second one needs some revision. "I've lived here for five years" could also mean you no longer live in that place or you have already left that place for a while and are just recalling a memory. This is different from the suggestion that you are still about to move to another place. I hope this helps.
      June 2017