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Turkish vs French words in Turkish

Hello everybody,

Transparent words are two words that have a similar spelling and meaning. Here is a list of transparent words in Turkish and French:

Happy learning! đŸ˜Ž

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English French Turkish
Action Action Aksiyon
Ambulance Ambulance Ambulans
Asphalt Asphalte Asfalt
Athlete Athlète Atlet
Banner Affiche Afiş
Bulb Ampoules Ampul
Castle Château Şato
Concrete Beton Beton
Couch Canapè Kanepe
Dam Barrage Baraj
Detergent Dètergent Deterjan
High school Lycee Lise
Knight Chevalier Şövalye
Secularism LaĂŻcitĂŠ Laiklik
Lampshade Abat-jour Abajur
Lawyer Avocats Avukat
Luggage Bagage Bagaj
packing Emballages Ambalaj
Pardon Pardon Pardon
Perfume Parfum ParfĂźm
Presentable Presentable prezantabl
Presentation Presentation prezantasyon
School École Ekol
Screen Ecran Ekran
Suitcase Valise Valiz
Survey Enquete Anket
Trousers Pantalon Pantolon

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