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Hello everybody,

Turkish markets are gold mines for cheap clothes. It is often interesting to favor clothes that have been made in Turkey to promote local production. Products made in Turkey are generally cheaper and of good quality. Bring cash as credit cards are generally not accepted in these places. In this lesson, we will learn the main vocabulary related to clothes in Turkish. Knowing a few words can help you get good prices and show your appreciation for the local culture. After mastering this lesson, you can also explore other related topics such as useful Turkish phrases, Turkish vocabulary for personalities, and Turkish shapes vocabulary.

Happy learning! 😎

Words[edit | edit source]

English Turkish
Belt Kemer
Blouse Bluz
Boots Bot
Dress Elbi̇se
Gloves Eldiven
Headscarf Eşarp / Başörtüsü
Jacket Ceket
Jeans Kot Pantolon
Jersey Kazak
Jubbah / Thobe Cübbe
Necklace Kolye
Overcoat (Men's) Palto
Overcoat (Women's) Manto
Pants / Trousers Pantolon
Pocket Cep
Pyjamas Pijama
Scarf Eşarp
Shirt Gömlek
Shoes Ayakkabı
Skirt Etek
Socks Çorap
Suit Takım Elbise
Sweater Kazak
Swimsuit Mayo
Tie Kravat
Tracksuit Eşofman
Trousers Pantolon
T-shirt Ti̇-șört
Underwear İç Çamaşır
Waistcoat Yelek

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