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Standard Latvian Vocabulary - Fruits

Hi Standard Latvian learners! 😊
In this lesson, we will learn some of the most common fruits in Standard Latvian. Knowing these words will help you to navigate the grocery store, order fruit dishes in restaurants, and even make small talk with locals about their favorite fruits. 🍎🍇🍉

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Fruits in Standard Latvian[edit | edit source]

Let's begin by learning some popular fruits in Standard Latvian. The pronunciation of each fruit word will be given, along with its English translation.

Standard Latvian Pronunciation English
ābols IPA: [ɑːbols] apple
banāns IPA: [b̪änɑns] banana
bumbieris IPA: [bumbȋ̥e̯ri̯s] pear
dzērvenes IPA: [d͡zɛːɾvɛnɛs] cranberries
ķirsis IPA: [t͡ɕirsis] cherry
citrusaugļi IPA: [tsitru̥säugli̥] citrus fruit
drupatas IPA: [dru̥pḁ̈tḁ̈s] plums
greipfrūts IPA: [ɡräipfruːts] grapefruit
jāņogas IPA: [jäːɲougɑs] strawberries
kivi IPA: [kivi] kiwi
melone IPA: [me̥lo̥ne] melon
persiks IPA: [pe̥rsiks] peach
vīģe IPA: [viːɟe] fig
vīnogas IPA: [viːnoɡɑs] grapes

Using Fruit Words in Context[edit | edit source]

In this section, we will practice using some of the fruit words we learned in context. Use the fruit vocabulary and patterns below to create your own dialogue.

Person 1: Vai tu mīli banānus? (Do you like bananas?)
Person 2: Jā, man patīk banāni. (Yes, I like bananas.)

Person 1: Vai esi mēģinājis meloni? (Have you tried melons?)
Person 2: Nē, nekad neesmu ēdis melones. (No, I have never eaten melons before.)

Person 1: Kāds ir tavs mīļākais citrusauglis? (What is your favorite citrus fruit?)
Person 2: Man ļoti patīk mandarīni. (I really like mandarins.)

Person 1: Vai tu esi redzējis dzērvenes? (Have you seen cranberries?)
Person 2: Jā, dzērvenes ir sarkanas un skābas. (Yes, cranberries are red and sour.)

Person 1: Vai tu esi mēģinājis vīģes? (Have you tried figs?)
Person 2: Nē, vēl neesmu ēdis vīģes. (No, I have not eaten figs yet.)

Fun Facts about Fruits in Latvia[edit | edit source]

- Apples are the most commonly grown fruit in Latvia, followed by pears, plums, and cherries. 🍎🍐🍒 - Every year, Latvia holds a Cherry Festival to celebrate the fruit's peak season in June. The festival attracts visitors from all over the world. 🍒🎉 - Cranberries are popular in Latvia, where they are used to make a traditional drink called Rūķu dzersma. 🍹 - Kiwis are sometimes referred to as "ķīniešu plūmes" (Chinese plums) in Standard Latvian. 🥝 - Latvia has a long history of producing high-quality grapes for winemaking, although this is not a widely known fact. 🍇🍷

Practice Makes Perfect[edit | edit source]

Now that you know some Standard Latvian fruit vocabulary, try to incorporate these words into your daily life. Go to the grocery store and try to spot some of the fruits we learned about today. If you really want to challenge yourself, try to strike up a conversation with a local about their favorite fruit.

To improve your Standard Latvian Vocabulary, you can also use the Polyglot Club website. Find native speakers and ask them any questions!

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