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Standard Latvian Vocabulary - Health

Hi Standard Latvian learners! 😊
In this lesson, we will learn Standard Latvian vocabulary related to health. We will also discuss some cultural aspects of healthcare in Latvia. Don't forget to check the native speakers and ask them any questions you may have!

Healthcare in Latvia[edit | edit source]

Latvia has a well-developed healthcare system with both public and private healthcare providers. The Ministry of Health is responsible for the overall management of health care in Latvia. There are hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in every major city in Latvia. Patients in Latvia have the right to choose their healthcare provider and treatment.

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Below are some health-related words in Standard Latvian:

Standard Latvian Pronunciation English
veselība [vɛsɛliːba] health
slimība [slimɪːba] disease/illness
ārsts [aːrst͡s̪] doctor
medicīna [mɛdɪcɪna] medicine
zāles [zaːlɛs] medicine/pills
antibiotikas [aːntɪbɪotɪkas] antibiotics
gripa [grɪpa] flu
temperatūra [tɛmpɛratuːra] temperature/fever
sāpes [saːpɛs̪] pain
iesnas [ɪɛsnas̪] runny nose
klepus [klɛpus] cough
drudzis [drudzɪs̪] fever
sirds [sɪrds] heart
elpa [ɛlpa] breath
sausais klepus [sausajs klɛpus] dry cough
šķaudīt [ʃkauda̯i̯t] to sneeze

Examples[edit | edit source]

Here are some examples of health-related vocabulary in context:

  • Person 1: Man ir slikta pašsajūta. (I feel unwell.)
  • Person 2: Kāpēc? (Why?)
  • Person 1: Man ir drudzis un sāpes kaklā. (I have a fever and a sore throat.)
  • Person 2: Tev var būt gripa. Nesteidzies uz ārsta. (You might have the flu. Don't rush to the doctor.)
  • Person 1: Kāpēc tu klepo? (Why are you coughing?)
  • Person 2: Es tikko izārstējos no slimības. Man vēl ir sauss klepus. (I just recovered from a disease. I still have a dry cough.)

Pharmacies in Latvia[edit | edit source]

Pharmacies are an important part of healthcare in Latvia. There are many pharmacies in Latvia, and most of them sell prescription and non-prescription medicine. Prescription drugs are only available at specific pharmacies called recepšu aptieka. If you are a foreign tourist and need to buy medicine in Latvia, you can ask for help at the nearest pharmacy. The pharmacists will advise you which medicine to buy.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

We hope this lesson has been useful in expanding your vocabulary related to health in Standard Latvian. Remember that your health is important, so don't hesitate to visit a doctor if you don't feel well. Take care of yourself and stay healthy! 😊

➡ If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.
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