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  1. Me regala… = Would you give me…
  2. Rumba = Party
  3. Rumbiar = To go out, to party
  4. Un Chorro = A swig (of alcohol)
  5. Guayabo = Hangover
  6. Vuelta a la manzana = Go around the block
  7. Parce = Dude
  8. Parcero = Is other variation of "parce" and also means dude.
  9. Mi Llave/Llavería/Llavero = Literal meanin is, My key/key chain but Slang meaning is My (close) friend
  10. El Parche = The crew, the homies
  11. Gonorrea = Is a slang popularized by the people of the "barriadas" (the poorest part of Medellin), this word literally translate "gonorrhea" and the meaning may vary, when is referred to somebody usually is consider an insult as strong as "bitch", but when this word is refered to an action, can be understood as something "unbeliveble".
  12. ¿Qué más? = What´s up?
  13. ¡No me joda! = Don´t bother me! but depending of the context this can also mean ¡fuck off!
  14. ¡No joda! = Nuh-uh!/Get outta here!
  15. ¡Ojo! = Be careful! Watch out!
  16. ¡Pilas! = Be careful!
  17. ¡Qué mamera! = That´s boring!
  18. ¡Qué boleta! = How embarrassing!
  19. ¿Quiubo, Parce? = What’s up, bro?
  20. Un Catorce = A favor


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