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Words[edit | edit source]

  • PADRES: Parents
  • MADRE: Mother
  • MAMÁ: Mom
  • PADRE: Father
  • PAPÁ: Dad
  • HIJA: Daughter
  • HIJO: Son
  • HERMANO: Brother
  • HERMANA: Sister
  • HERMANOS: Siblings
  • ESPOSA: Wife
  • ESPOSO: Husband
  • TÍA: Aunt
  • TÍO: Uncle
  • PRIMO: Cousin
  • PRIMA: Cousin
  • SOBRINO: Nephew
  • SOBRINA: Niece
  • NIETO: Grandson
  • NIETA: Granddaughter
  • ABUELOS: Grandparents
  • ABUELA: Grandmother
  • ABUELO: Grandfather
  • MADRINA: Godmother
  • PADRINO: Godfather
  • NOVIO: Boyfriend
  • NOVIA: Girlfriend
  • CUÑADO: Brother-in-law
  • CUÑADA: Sister-in-law
  • SUEGRA: Mother-in-law
  • SUEGRO: Father-in-law
  • YERNO: Son-in-law
  • NUERA: Daughter-in-law

My family[edit | edit source]

Él es mi papá: He is my dad

Ella es mi mamá: She is my mom

Él es mi hermano: He is my brother

Ella es mi hermana: She is my sister

Mi padre es doctor: My father is a doctor

Mi madre es ingeniera: My mother is an engineer


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