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Here is some French vocabulary on trees.

The conifers[edit | edit source]

Les conifères

The conifers

Le cèdre

The cedar

L'épicea (m)

The spruce

Le meleze

The larch

Le sapin

The fir

Le pin

The pine

Le sequoia

The sequoia

The deciduous tree[edit | edit source]

le arbre à feuilles caduques

The deciduous tree

le frêne

The ash

le cyprès

The cypress

le pin

The pine

l'érable (m)

The maple

le platane

The sycamore

le hêtre

The beech

le chêne

The Oak

le châtaignier

The chestnut tree

le bouleau

The birch

le noyer

The walnut tree

l'orme (m)

The elm

le peuplier

The poplar

le sapin

The fir

The fruit trees[edit | edit source]

Les arbres fruitiers

The fruit trees

le prunier

The plum tree

le citronnier

The lemon tree

l'oranger (m)

The orange tree

le pommier

The Apple tree

le amandier

The almond tree

l'olivier (m)

The olive tree

le poirier

The pear tree

le figuier

The fig tree

le pêcher

The peach tree


The apricot tree

le cerisier

The cherry tree

Expressions with trees[edit | edit source]

être fort comme un chêne[edit | edit source]

  • Literally: to be strong as an oak tree
  • Meaning: to be very strong


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