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In french we have several verbs which working with prepositions, and fortunately there are rules to know when we need to use it!

Also we have to different prepositions, "de" and "à" which could be translated by "to".

Verbs with the preposition "de"[edit | edit source]

accepter de - to agree to

achever de - to complete

accepter de - to accept

attendre de - to wait for

arrêter de - to stop

cesser de - to stop

continuer de - to continue to

convenir de - to agree to

craindre de - to fear

décider de - to decide to

empêcher de - to prevent from

essayer de - to try to

éviter de - to avoid

faire exprès de - to do it on purpose

faire semblant de - to pretend to

finir de - to finish

interdire de - to prohibit

menacer de - to threaten to

mériter de - to deserve to

ordonner de - to order to

oublier de - to forget to

permettre de - to allows to

persuader de - to persuade

promettre de - to promise to

proposer de - to offer

refuser de - to refuse to

regretter de - to regret

rêver de - to dream of

risquer de - to risk

suggérer de - to suggest

souffrir de - to suffer from

supplier de - to beg for

tenter de - to try to

Verbs with the preposition "à"[edit | edit source]

aider à - to help

apprendre à - to learn to

arriver à - to arrive at

autoriser à - to allow

chercher à - to seek to

commencer à - to start at

contribuer à - to contribute to

encourager à - to encourage to

enseigner à - to teach

faire attention à - to be careful of

forcer à - to force

hésiter à - to hesitate to

inciter à - to encourage to

inviter à - to invite to

jouer à - to play

parvenir à - to get to

penser à - to think about

persister à - to persist in

pousser à - to push to

renoncer à - to give up

réussir à - to succeed in

servir à - to be used for

songer à - to think about

tarder à - to delay to

tenir à - to stick to

viser à - to aim at

Verbs without prepositions[edit | edit source]

The verbs without prepositions are the verbs which express :

- feelings

- will

- movement

- opinion

- needs

- project

- preference


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