Sunday Morning’s English Talk Time with Dasha!

Sunday Morning’s English Talk Time with Dasha!

When언제: Every Sunday, 11AM-1PM
Where어디: Gangam Terrace 논현동[masked] Floor

Event Description:
[Short summary / hook of the meetup]
Greetings, everyone! Join GSM on Sunday mornings to dive in the cozy and authentic English conversation on all
the topics to please your taste. Our main goal is to provide you with the supportive and engaging atmosphere
where you will be able to meet people from all walks of life and broaden your horizons by having real-life
English conversations. Our motto is ‘be nice to each other and be both active speakers and listeners!

[More details]
Every week, we will experiment with different types of sessions, be it a casual colloquial conversation, short ad-lib
speeches on a chosen topic or a fully engaging debate session :) All of these sessions will be organized based on the
aptitude and preferences of the meet-up’s participants. As a host, I will do my best creating different content and
engaging everyone in joining in, but we also welcome ideas and feedback of the participants on what kind of session
they find more engaging beneficial and what kind of a new session they would like to take part in in the future :)

[who would benefit from this meetup?]
Being a non-native speaker I experienced first-hand how hard it may well be to step out of one’s comfort zone,
give it a shot and speak a language which is not your mother tongue in daily life situations. Not only are you afraid
of slipping up and making a mistake, but also you are too self-conscious and apprehensive of the very idea of exposing
yourself to that language.
Yet, gradually I came to realize that unless you challenge yourself and try to look at the situation from a different angle
there will be no significant improvement. But the moment you nudge yourself just a tiny bit, all new vistas of opportunities
will be open in front of you.
I would like to become a mental support for all those who are hesitant about speaking a foreign language in daily life,
help them overcome the language barrier and gain confidence when speaking it. They say that by helping others you
are growing and improving as a person. I strongly believe that this meet-up will be mutually beneficial for both parties,
GSM precious guests and myself :)

Hello! My name is Dasha and I am from Belarus, a small and idyllic country located right in the heart of Europe.
It is widely known as the “blue-eyed country” as there are numerous lakes and rivers on its territory.
As long as I remember myself, I have always been fascinated by the idea of going to unknown, foreign places and
discovering the way people live there. It felt as if I would break out of my own small world and set off on a journey
full of new revelations and horizons.
This very part brought me to South Korea in early 2019. I am doing my master’s&PhD studies here and have my mind
set on becoming a researcher.
As for my hobbies, despite the fact that I am a chemistry major, I have a particular fondness for foreign languages.
They say, you are either a tech student or devoted humanities major, but you cannot be both. Well, I would argue that
every rule has an exception :) Even though I cannot claim that I am a natural when it comes to speaking the languages
I am fond of, I am strongly determined to challenge myself and share my passion with others :)
It has been one year since I opened a new page in my life and have started living in a new country. There are still a lot of
things I have to learn as well as there is a long way for me to get accustomed to being part of a new environment.
Though a little bit scared at the uncertainty which awaits me in the future, I am anticipating with all my heart all the changes
my new life-style will bring in my life, and I genuinely believe that GSM is a perfect place to start :)


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